Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I think I know....

where the year 2014 and this blog is going to head...

I am about to turn 50, yes you read right, and why thank you, I know I don't near look like I am about to turn 50 next month ;)

Anyway have been thinking about this blog, the other blog is easy, it is mainly to do with CRPS and some personal stuff - click 'here' if you have not seen it yet. Anyway back to this blog, I am going to use this year, to finally be the person I really want to be - after all it is not everyday you turn 50 now is it :)

So here is the plan for this blog and my own goals:

  • For my 50th birthday, I am going to get a tattoo, I have somewhat planned it, but still needs a little work on it to make it complete, this will be just above my ankle. It will be something like this but maybe without a border, so it looks like it is going into the distance or maybe a circle border - not really sure yet :)

  • And to mark my 50th birthday year, I am hoping to purchase a VW Beetle, won't be brand new, I wish it was but hey I will settle for a nice second hand one, it will look something like this, and hopefully a blue one, this will happen later in the year, unless I win lotto :)
  • I am thinking I might add a weekly vlog, a day in the life of a 50 year old - ok may not say a 50 year old, maybe 'hippygals life as a ??" still have to think about the title, for those that don't me from my earlier blogs etc, my name was always hippygal on everything. If you have any ideas go for it please... I would like to show people that life does not have to end at 50, this will also be a good challenge for me to do things out of my comfort zone sometimes. 
  • I am thinking of doing my hair different colours occasionally, maybe put a light pink through, or a purple or blue whatever takes my fancy - don't panic it wont be a permanent dye it will wash out after a few days or weeks. 
It seems quite bizarre that now I am turning 50, I want to revert back to my younger years a bit, I have always liked doing things a little different, but was brought up in quite a strict family, so maybe now I can do the things I have always wanted to do, but never did, as I felt I had to fit in with society. 

I also believe there is a part of me starting to love my body regardless of what it looks like and how old the numbers are every birthday. It feels like now that I am turning 50 next month, I am now allowed to show who I really am, and not let numbers, be it age or numbers on a scale dictate what I should ,wear or what I should be doing.

This year has not been the best beginning for 2014, a friend passed away and the funeral was today, our dog has also been diagnosed with cancer, and is on her last weeks, she only got diagnosed just under 2 weeks ago. And a few personal things are also happening, which I will talk about at a later date.

Anyway thats me for now and if you can come up with a name that would be awesome :)

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