Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Outfit post :)

On the weekend David and I went to the "Sound-shell Market", and then we went to a car fair, and after that we went out for lunch.

If you want to read more about the day check out my other blog "here"

This is what I wore...

Top - "Farmers"
Leggings - "Farmers"
Shoes - "Number 1 Shoe Warehouse" (Last years purchase)

Headband - "The Rainbow Shop" Byron Bay
Pentagram Necklace - "Skingraft"
Earrings - Not Sure - Market Maybe 

And no I don't have a white spot or huge pimple on my face in the bottom photo, it was a reflection of something :)

I got so many compliments for my headband, am so glad I have two of them so when one breaks or starts looking tatty I have a spare....

On Wednesday I get my nails done, it has been 5 weeks and not one has broken, though one is cracked but still holding on. I normally don't leave them for 5 weeks, but with our dog sick last week, I changed it to the following week. 

Anyway thats it from me, have an awesome rest of the week :)

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