Saturday, January 11, 2014

This blog....

Is going to be more of a fun blog, I am going to blog, vlog and whatever else takes my fancy... it will also still be about clothes, beauty etc... anyway there is this website, that custom makes skirts in really cool fabrics - well see this fabric below, I am going to get a skirt made out of it. Hope to order it in about 2 weeks, and then it will take a while before it arrives which is fine :), if I like it I might get another 2 or 3 skirts made up in difference fabrics. The skirts can be found at "Betty Le Bonbon" - go check them out :)

I think it would look really nice with a red cardi like this, and maybe add a petticoat under it. This can be found at "Modcloth"

Or I have a black one like this already from "Modcloth"... 

Speaking of "Modcloth", I placed an order with them just before Christmas, where I ordered a couple of dresses, but they are a little heavy in fabric type to wear for summer, so have put them away till Autumn. Anyway back to the cardi, when it arrived it had not been sewn up properly so I emailed photos to Modcloth asking what we could do, they refunded me the money for it immediately and said to not worry about sending it back and postage would not be cheap, so excellent service and will certainly be shopping there again, and highly recommend them. So anyway I have taken the cardi in to get fixed so will cost me about $15, am stoked with that :)

Am really going to try and get an outfit post done soon as well :)

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