Saturday, January 18, 2014

Another outfit post....

I had got into a rut for a while there, which meant I did not go out much at all, and if I did then I never bothered with my appearance, which made me feel insecure in public, this year I want to get back into the habit of going out and making an effort with clothes, makeup etc....

Today because of all the crap we have been going through this year, we had a belated wedding anniversary lunch, and went for a look around the "Rotorua Museum", this is what I wore...

Inside this skirt looked black but the photo below shows it's actual colour.....

See the difference with the light, not the best of photo's but am trying to teach hubby how to use the camera :)

T-Shirt - ASOS Curve
Skirt - Holy Clothing
Coffin Handbag - Can be purchased at Brutalitees

Here is a close up of the coffin handbag, I love it and am thinking of getting another one in black and white :)

Coffin Necklace - Skingraft
Earrings - Ummm can not remember, think it was the local market
Am wearing a daisy headband which you can't see, forgot to take a photo of it bugga

We had a nice day out and if you want to read more about it check out my other "blog"

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend :)

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  1. That bag is the coolest!! I love it!!
    Happy anniversary xx