Thursday, December 19, 2013

Not long till Christmas now...

6 sleeps till Christmas, not long now.

The clothes I ordered have arrived, the dress I wanted to wear I am now not sure if I like it, Steph (daughter) is coming over tomorrow to give her opinion, I also have a skirt on the way, which is being held up at customs, so hoping that will be here in time. I got it from "Holy Clothing", I love their skirts and have a few different ones from them in different colours, the two I am waiting on are these:
I ordered this one in this colour - "Green Jade Celia Scalloped Hem Velvet Vtg Lace Gypsy Peasant Boho Skirt" - "A truly stunning Velvet Romanian scalloped hem design with a splendid full flowing Gypsy hem!! Gorgeous Renaissance design, lace embroidery and different fabrics (butter-soft viscose/rayon with velvet inlays front and back)".

And this one in, it is just a basic skirt, but if I like it, might get it in a couple of colours. This one is called "Black Midnight Emma Butter-Soft Victorian Steampunk A-Line Walking Skirt" "Dreams come true with Talia, HolyClothing's delectable fairy-style skirt; what could only be fantasy is now your exquisite reality".

The green one will go awesome with my coffin bag I purchased, which will hopefully arrive tomorrow or Monday :)

I got my nails done the other day, was going to get a couple of Xmas feature nails, but knew that once Xmas was over I would want them off, so we decided to go for a summer look :) (Photos are not the best sorry) - hmmm they won't go with green lol. I get my nails done at 'Get Nailed' here in Rotorua.

Anyway will do an outfit post soon promise :)

Have a great weekend all :)

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