Thursday, December 12, 2013

Yes I know.... and City Chic update!

I have been neglecting this blog lately, I have been doing updates on the "CRPS Blog", but anyway I went through a bit of a lull - but I picked myself up this week, and got my hair cut and the roots bleached, I now also have a fringe - I also got my eyebrows done, and have spent a little money on myself in the way of clothes, which are still to arrive and really hoping they will arrive before xmas :) - so hopefully I will have some outfit posts up in the next few weeks :)
Well actually I did buy 2 pairs of leggings from Farmers and two tops - might do an outfit post on those in the next few days. I also have had my nails done as well, this last time, I just got the acrylic nails done and painted them myself, but next week I am going to do Gel nails with a couple of feature nails, so that could be another post lol

These are my current nails at the moment

I use "Color Club" Nail Polish - the ones I have on currently change colour when out in the sun
The purple one is "Fate" and the sparkly one is "Desert Valley" - except I am wondering if the Desert Valley one maybe old or something, because it is not like the colour in the picture hmmmmm

I was in "The Body Shop" and grabbed a "Coconut Shower Cream" and a "Cocoa Butter Body Lotion" - I could have sworn I got a "Coconut Body Butter" - oh well I didn't,  I have a voucher, so think I will go and buy some Coconut Body Butter to go with the shower cream.

I also got some stuff from Lush - "R & B Hair Moisturiser", which my hair desperately needs, I have ordered my "wonderbar shampoo block", from "Sorbet" which should arrive tomorrow, I have used it before and it is fantastic.

I got some "Vanilla Dee-Lite" body lotion

And some "Snow Fairy" shower gel, which they only bring out at Christmas time :)

So that was my Christmas shopping for me from me :). 

So now I look lovely and smell lovely, all I got to hope is that my clothes come before Christmas, as one of the dresses I want to wear Christmas Day :). 

I am thinking over the weekend I am going to plan my goals for 2014, and print it of and put it on my cork board so I can see it daily. 

Oh and City Chic responded re: the post below - "Thank you for your message and our apologies we have not got back to you sooner. In the past we stocked XXL in stores however the customer demand as a whole was not there for this size. To ensure we could still cater for XXL, online was the most accessible avenue. Now that click to collect is available you can order XXL online and have it delivered to your local free of charge. You can then try on the garment and if you are not happy with it you can return it for a full refund".

Anyway thats it from me for now, will hopefully get some outfit posts up over the next few weeks. Have a great weekend all :)

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