Friday, October 25, 2013

Where is the time going...

Time is going so fast, have nearly finished doing all my study notes, so then it will all be revision and more revision. 

I have found some awesome clothes on Etsy which are Fair Trade clothing, I will be sharing some of them on here hopefully next post. I have also found many other things on there as well that I have fallen in love with lol.

This weekend here in New Zealand is a long weekend, David has been in Wellington for the week and due home in a couple of hours. 

Next week, now that the pressure is off, I am hoping to start back at Aussie Curves, I feel a little bad that I have not been doing them, but I had to prioritise. 

Anyway hope those that are having a long weekend has a good one, and see you next week, with a new improved me, well maybe not that improved yet but changes are going to be happening again, I started neglecting myself, time to put me first again.

Oh yeah got my nose pierced again, which I love, and Wedensday am getting my nails done, then in about 2 weeks, will be getting my hair done again. Oh and one more thing, I have been doing a bit of exercise again, just on the Exercycle and Ab machine - small steps :)

Catch you all soon and stay safe :)

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