Sunday, October 20, 2013

I am on a mission....

Since reading the blog the other day (post below), fair-trade clothing has been on my mind, I purchase fair-trade makeup, and now I am going to try and purchase fair-trade clothing which is not an easy mission for anybody, but with a lot of research over the coming months, (in-between my exams), I am hoping to give you vital information on what brands to avoid (if you want to support fair-trade) and hopefully find some awesome brands to buy from. If thats not hard enough I am going to try and do this for plus size fashion as well...... Not only am I going to look at clothing, but I am also going to look at make-up as well. 

First stop would of course be "ETSY", a place where a lot of clothes are made by the owners themselves, what a great way to support a small business. I will add links to the places on the side bar, or I may open a new page for it, depending on big it gets :). Not only can you find great clothes for all sizes, but you can find some awesome handmade jewellery as well. 

This is not going to be an easy mission, and if you see any errors, please please let me know:), and also if you know of any good sites leave a comment so I can add them.

So watch this space :)

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