Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Where oh where do these weeks go!

On the weekend, hubby and I went to Napier, to get away for a bit. I happened to be looking at "Trade Aid" where I found this wonderful handbag from India. I love love it :)

I also went to "The Original Gypsy Fair", where I found this herbal vanilla shampoo powder, I have used it twice now, not sure yet if I like it or not, the smell is lovely, I also got some Vanilla Perfume  I love Vanilla and Coconut, my favourite  two smells. I also had a voucher from "The Body Shop" and got some vanilla shower gel. 

I have not done any outfit posts lately, or "Aussie Curves" posts, I have not been in the right frame of mind, and also had lots to assignments to get done. Hope to get back into outfit posts in the next week or two. The worst of the study is over, apart from exams in about 4 weeks. 

Anyway hope everyone is doing well out there and will be back soon :)

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