Friday, November 1, 2013


My lovely converse shoes are owned by Nike and we all know they are not on the fair trade list.... so I am going to have to look at alternatives when they wear out. There are alternatives out there, just got to search for them.

Anyway onto some fair trade things I have found, all pictures will be linked if you want to find out more info. :)

First up we must remember "Trade Aid", stores around New Zealand or buy online, with Christmas next month, check them out for some special gifts :)

I am loving this "beach chic wrap bracelet"
$58 ($NZ)
I have found this wonderful full length wrap skirt - Made from soy or bamboo cotton. Available from the Etsy store "VioletStarCreations" 

$99.30 ($NZ) - Sizing up to 5xl (Made to Order)

Here is another one of their dresses $136.54 
"Sleeveless VNeck Dress" Soy or Bamboo Organic Cotton Jersey)

And this one I love - "Patchwork Peasant Dress"
By the Etsy store yanadee $105.51 ($NZ)

It is made from organic fabric - also what I love is that these people will make to measure as well :) - I really think I am going to order this one :)

I am really enjoying finding these shops etc.... and am loving the clothes, yes they are more expensive but I think it is worth every penny spent :)

Anyway sorry for being quiet on here, and on that note have an excellent weekend all - oh and one more thing got my nails done the other day, and got my first ever gel polish :)

Am loving them....

Oh and 1 more thing I am after a coffin handbag - I love them :)

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