Thursday, September 26, 2013

Where I am at....

I did a more in-depth post over on my CRPS blog, if you want to check it out properly :)

I am loving that I can buy nice clothes at my size, but I need to lose weight, not because I think I will look better but for my health, with CRPS, I need to get fitter and healthier, I have ignored it before, but I am wanting to move to Aussie in about 2-3 years, which means I need to get myself as healthy as possible, so I can get back into part time work and of ACC. I will always a be a plus size, so this blog will be continuing, but sometimes health has to come first....

Anyway if you want to know more, check out the CRPS blog link up above, and next week I will be back in here blogging about fashion etc... Am hoping to get my "Tee Aussie Curves" post up this week still :)

Anyway onto a healthier life I go, if you want to follow I will be mostly updating on the CRPS blog, so follow me there :)

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