Saturday, September 14, 2013


After a couple of days of rain, the sun is back out, and Spring is with us once again... and the bright sun and the luscious colour of the grass and flowers makes me want to splash out in some of these beautiful summer dresses from 'City Chic'

Here are some of my favourites....

Wild Floral Dress
Dress Spring Garden

When I see dresses like this, I just want to pack up a picnic, go and find a nice beach somewhere and relax, or the bottom one I would wear in a cooler evening and sitting outside somewhere enjoying a nice dinner :)

Shame the weather is not quite warm enough to enjoy outside yet, but wont be long :)


  1. The top one is my favourite. They are all very pretty.

    Yesterday would have been nice for a picnic but not today. Cold and blustery winds.

    Wishing you a great day tomorrow.


    1. I love the top one as well, just wish it had shorter sleeves, think I will splash out and buy a nice dress this summer :)