Thursday, September 5, 2013

Morning Tea...

The other day I was meeting a friend for coffee, so it was time to make a bit of an effort with my appearance, I really need to look at getting my haircut and coloured again soon, getting the eyebrows done next week. 

Anyway this is what I wore (excuse the blue tape on my arm, it was the only colour I had, now I have some different ones to match the clothes):

Headband: 'Circle of Wolves'
Necklace: 'Cobalt Heights'
Earrings: 'Skingraft'
Cardigan: 'ASOS'
Tunic: 'Autograph' - Currently on sale
Belt: Came from another outfit
Skirt: 'Holy Clothing' The colour is majolica blue
Shoes: 'Converse'

Today one of my skirts I wear around the home, ripped beyond repair, a year ago I would have been freaking out because I would have only owned a couple of skirts, but now it was ok not a problem it lasted well and I have plenty of other clothes to replace it, I really need to thank 'Aussie Curves' for this change, reading all the blogs has made such a difference to my life :)

Makeup wipes, I was feeling a bit broke so purchased some cheap ones the other week, OMG never ever again, will I go cheap, just getting them out of the package they break up. The ones I am talking about are Athena Beaute Facial Cleansing Wipes.
This is one of those times when you get what you pay for. Can't wait till they are all gone and I can replace them with some different ones. What ones do you use?


  1. Looking good.

    Saw the video of your fun package too. Seem to have too many blogs on my list to read again.


    1. So do I have to many blogs, but they are to good to cull lol :)