Sunday, September 15, 2013

Aussie Curve - $50 Outfit

This weeks Aussie Curves challenge is an outfit under $50, well I was hoping my stuff from Autograph would have arrived but no such luck, seeing as today is a stay at home day, this is what I chose to wear.... it comes in under $50. No makeup, wet hair just me :)
Sorry the pictures are blurry, not sure why as the iPhone is usually pretty good - anyway onto my outfit.  And also Biscuit our dog has to always be in the picture :)

Leggings - ASOS - $19.20
Top - Virtue - $29.95 (Less a $10 Voucher) so really only $19.99 (Feel like a bit of a cheat lol)
Shoes $9.99 (Not sure where I got them from but last summers). 

Total $49.14 (Bugger just realised it was over $50 as the Virtue top was Aussie $)

Phew just got this in time, next week I will be more organised :)

And after that we decided to go to 'Tirau' for a look around, so added a bit of make-up some decent shoes and away I went :)

Catch you all next week :)


  1. Haha. It's not cheating, we all get to spend our $50 in whatever way it works. The tunic is fab. And your puppy adorable. Beautiful.

  2. Thanks, she is getting quite old now, so sad :(

  3. Decent shoes??? From what I can see I love your shoes. Are they colored stripes? I have a think for brightly colored ballet flats.

  4. Yes they are coloured stripes but they are so worn now (hence why no close ups lol), but do still love them :)

  5. Your leggings with peace signs are the coolest thing ever! Love it all :)