Saturday, August 31, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect...

Today I was mucking around with some iPhone camera apps, and took some photo's, I was not going to show them here, cause they are pretty bad, but I want to be able to compare them in 12 month time. 

So here they are, the lighting is pretty bad, I was also rushing them as we had to meet David's mum for lunch, for her birthday yesterday :)

Jacket: 'Autograph'
Dress: 'Autograph'
Leggings: 'City Chic'
Shoes: 'Converse'
Earrings: 'The Rainbow Shop' Byron Bay
Necklace: Not sure, maybe Autograph/Virtu
Headband: 'The Rainbow Shop' Byron Bay
Handbag: 'The Rainbow Shop' Byron Bay

Next time I will not rush and take them in better lighting, excuse the blue strapping on my arm. I have ordered a black one and will get it on Tuesday.

Anyway thats it from me for now:)

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